Knowledge is the Currency of the 21st Century - Knowledge is the Currency of the 21st Century

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ATTENTION: Professional Speakers, Coaches and Experts Who Need a PRODUCT  

What could having “The Gurus’ Secret Weapon” from The Course Resource do for you and your career?

Anyone who is on the speaking circuit knows that meetings and events are being cancelled, bookings are dropping and the competition is getting tougher out there.  It’s harder and harder for promoters to get “butts in the seats.”   And that’s why they need a known quantity – a sure thing.
  • If you would like to be making more money as a professional speaker
  • If you need something to differentiate yourself from everyone else out there
  • If you are looking for additional (passive!) income


How I Became “The Gurus’ Secret Weapon”


Hi, I’m Barbara Grassey.

You may have heard my name whispered from one speaker to another.  You might have seen someone recommend me on a private blog for speakers and marketers.  Or maybe you have been to one of my invitation-only seminars on marketing and copywriting.


And I’m okay with that.

I’m a ghostwriter and not being recognized comes with the territory.  My clients are successful speakers who are on the road, speaking to audiences all over the U.S., Canada and Europe.  They are recognized experts in their fields.  Me?  I’m their Secret Weapon.

When it comes to creating materials for those speakers, I am the expert.  In the past four years alone I have:

  • Written over 40 full course manuals for top national speakers (yes, these are custom done, hand-tailored courses).
  • Edited a nationally bestselling business book.
  • Written countless e-books, both for commercial sale and promotional give-aways
  • Consulted with top speakers, authors and internet marketers on how best to position themselves and their products
  • Successfully coached private clients through the process of writing their own products
I have been writing professionally on and off since the 1980s – press releases, trade articles, interviews, technical manuals, comedy routines – you name it, I wrote it.  I have even written a musical revue!  But it was always something I did “on the side.”  Then, in 2005, I was asked by a friend to help him put together a real estate course.   Another speaker heard that I had helped him out.  She asked if I could write her course.  Then another speaker asked.  And then another.  Within a year, I had speakers in several fields – real estate, motivation, sales, internet marketing and yes, public speaking! – asking me to put their courses together for them.

Why Hire a Writer?

Many of those speakers could have written their courses themselves.  They had the knowledge.  They were pretty good at putting words together.   What they didn’t have was TIME.   You’re probably pretty busy, too.  Putting together a course manual requires about six weeks of dedicated time – and that’s if you have material to work with!  While many people would love to take a six-week break, and head off to a tropical island to write their book or course, that’s just not realistic.  If it was, we’d all be doing it.  (And yes, rum punches at the end of each work day.) For others, the thought of putting your butt in a chair and grinding out page after page (or worse, staring at a blank screen) is just not enticing.  In fact, it can be downright overwhelming.  After creating literally dozens of manuals and courses, I know that there is a point in every project where I can’t see the forest for the trees.  I also know that if I keep plugging away, I will get through it.  But for someone new to the game, it is way too easy to lose your way. As if that wasn’t frustrating enough…

Less than 5% of your buyers will implement your materials

One of my clients asked me, “What exactly do you do?”  I said, “I write manuals for the 10% of your buyers who actually read them.  The client burst out laughing.  Apparently, he and his team had been discussing whether or not ANYONE read the course materials.  Here’s the truth: Fewer than 30% of the people who buy your educational materials will actually  go through them. Half won’t even take them out of the shrink wrap. Less than 10% will read the manual or listen to the audios or DVDs. Less than 5% will implement what they learn. 1% – 3% will be successful because of those materials. Why would I tell you this?

Because I think those statistics SUCK.

(No Barbara!  How do you really feel?) I think people deserve material they can read and understand when they spend their hard-earned money on a product. I’ll tell you exactly what I told my client:  “I write manuals for the 3% of your students who are going to implement what you tell them.  My job is to give them everything they need to be successful.  It’s up to them to implement it.  But just because most people don’t implement, doesn’t mean we shortchange the ones who do.”

Here’s what I didn’t say:

No one reads the manual because it is DRY, DULL and BORING! Manuals are known for being dry and stuffy and difficult to read.  In fact, most manuals read like they were written in another language and translated into English by someone who isn’t a native English speaker. My manuals aren’t like other manuals. And I’m proud of that. I start with you. Your voice.  Your expressions.  Your sense of humor.  Your commitment and dedication. My mission is make your physical product as compelling as you were in person.


Who knew? Me. Short story:  (Unusual for me, usually they are long stories.)  One of my writing students sent me her web page copy for her book.  I knew she had been struggling with it and the copy she sent was pretty good.  After I congratulated her, I said, “And tell your boyfriend he did a good job on it.”   She laughed and called out to her boyfriend “She caught us!” How did I know? Men and women use different words, different types of examples.  Most men use aggressive imagery – explosions, competitive analysis.  Women tend to couch their ideas, making sure not to offend or to be too “braggy”.  Men just blast it out there. This is something I have studied and analyzed.  So when I work with a speaker, I am listening to the way they speak, their phrasing, their style.  It’s sort of like being an impressionist, except I do impressions with words. So how do you make sure your message comes through and actually helps people? The truth is, you can’t make people take action.   But you can make it easier for those willing to take action to do so. Your manual needs to be fast paced, easy to read, friendly, comfortable and, most of all, entertaining. No matter what topic you speak on, you know that you have to be entertaining or the audience is just not going to stay with you.  Courses and books are the same way. What happens to people’s enthusiasm between the time they experience you live and sit down with your materials?
  • Dream Stealers
  • Self-Doubt
  • Overwhelm
  • LIFE
I remember buying my first course from a speaker.  It was on real estate investing and it cost $1,200…  That would be $1,200 that I didn’t have.  That was a HUGE amount of money to me.  I was determined to make back my money – and terrified that I wouldn’t. I listened to the three sets of CDs (no DVDs back then!) and read along in the manuals.  Turns out the “manual” was a straight transcript of the CDs.  I listened to the three sets THREE TIMES in over the next few days.  Somewhere in the second run-through I realized that CD #12 was the same in all three sets.  That saved some time. The manuals were poorly copied with generic contracts that had names and dates blurred with Wite-Out®.  The information was pretty basic.  It wasn’t well-organized. But it was enough. It was enough for me to go out and apply the techniques.  I eventually made almost $20,000 in one deal using what I had learned in that course.

So what am I saying?

You need a PRODUCT.  Not just any old product.


The days of putting out poorly copied, generic material are gone.  Consumers are more sophisticated and more careful with their money.  They want to feel confident that their investment will be well-spent. You need to present a Professional Package – dynamic cover graphics, a non-templated website, consistent branding, high quality content and a deafening thump factor.


$$ Expert Status $$ Name Recognition $$ Instant Credibility $$ List Building TurboCharge $$ A Physical “Calling Card” Most importantly… $$$$ Back of the room REVENUE for you and the Promoter


I’m not cheap. (Mom would be so proud.) But I won’t break your budget either. Click on over to Our Products page and to see what we offer and our price ranges.  When you are ready to move forward, send me an email: and we’ll make an appointment to discuss your project. Because the manuals and courses I write are labor intensive, my schedule fills up quickly.  That’s not hype – that’s just “what is.”  If you are eager to get your product into the hands of your audiences, contact me NOW. Allow us to help you do what you do best:  FIRE UP AUDIENCES. And let us do what we do best:  LET YOUR AUDIENCES TAKE YOU HOME WITH THEM. Google+